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Solar Water Heater, Solar Collectors, Evacuated Tube manufacturer / supplier in China, offering SRCC and Solarkeymark Certified Solar Collector (AP-30), Solar Water Heater (etc-30) Evacuated Solar Water Heater, Solar Water Heater (etc-20) Evacuated Tube Solar Collector and so on.

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17. Can Apricus solar collectors be used in a drainback configuration? [Dec 22,2015]

Yes. The end port version of the Apricus solar collector is well suited to drainback use. The ...

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16. Which Collector Is The Best Value for Money? [Dec 22,2015]

Rather than looking at just peak efficiency levels when comparing solar collectors, installed cost ...

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15. Are Solar Tube Collectors More Efficient Than Flat Plate Collectors? [Dec 22,2015]

When comparing peak efficiency levels it may seem that there is little difference between flat plate ...

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14. Can I heat my swimming pool or spa using an Apricus solar collector? [Dec 22,2015]

Apricus collectors are high temperature collectors, and are therefore ideal for spas, as the volume ...

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12. Can Apricus solar collectors be used for a large scale hot water production? [Dec 22,2015]

Yes. Apricus solar collectors can be connected in series or parallel to provide large scale hot ...

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11. What maintenance of the solar collector is required? [Dec 22,2015]

Under normal circumstances no maintenance of the system is required. Due to the shape of the tubes ...

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10. Can the Apricus solar collector heat water to a high enough temperature? [Dec 22,2015]

Yes, in good weather the Apricus solar collector can bring water to boiling point. Generally this is ...

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9. Will the Apricus solar collector be a fire hazard during hot, dry weather? [Dec 22,2015]

No. The Apricus solar collector′s components are all high temperature rated and non-flammable so ...

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8. Can Apricus solar collectors be mounted on a flat surface? [Dec 22,2015]

Yes they may be mounted on a flat roof, or on the ground by using a stainless steel Flat Roof Frame. ...

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7. Are the solar collectors noticeable on the roof? [Dec 22,2015]

If only the collector is mounted on the roof it should blend into the roof design quite well. ...

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6. Can I use a solar collector with my existing hot water system? [Dec 22,2015]

Normally yes. Simple retrofit valves can often be used to allow solar to connect to your existing ...

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5. Will water be heated on a cloudy day? [Dec 22,2015]

Yes. Although the heat output of the solar collector is reduced on overcast days it will still be ...

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4. What happens if one of the solar tubes is broken? [Dec 22,2015]

Firstly, tubes are very strong and not easily broken, but if the worst should happen, solar tubes ...

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3. Can Apricus solar collectors be used in cold conditions? [Dec 22,2015]

Yes. Apricus collectors can be used in temperatures as low as -30oC, although performance is greatly ...

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2. How long will it take to recoup my investment? [Dec 22,2015]

Apricus solar collectors are much more affordable than many other solar hot water heaters. For a ...

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1. Is solar water heating a viable alternative to gas or electricity? [Dec 22,2015]

Solar should not be seen as a alternative to gas or electricity, but rather a supplement. Solar ...

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